How to download Edge SSL cert and key for new servers

Hi there,

I know we can’t download SSL cert and key for Edge SSL cert, but would it cause any issues since we’re switching to new hosting providers?



Thank you for asking.

Universal SSL / Advanced SSL - no.

Origin SSL - yes.

You would still have to have the SSL certificate at the new origin host/server of your new hosting provider for your domain name(s).

Either use the same if they are still valid and not expired, otherwise renew them or re-generate if for example switching from cPanel to cPanel (in case if you forgot about transfering your SSL certs/keys in the process) - just an example cPanel, while it can be on a server itself too :smiley:
Has happened to some people when migrating to a new provider, they just forgot the SSL while having the HSTS enabled for their (sub)domain.


But, you can follow instructions from the below article to generate Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate for your (sub)domain(s) and use it at your server with Full (Strict) SSL, or in case you do not have an SSL certificate, you should use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate while using Cloudflare service for your domain name:

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