How to download Dedicated SSL Certificate which buy using Order SSL Certificate?


As I want to use Full SSL to protect my website . It said that "This requires an SSL certificate on your origin server. " So should I use the Dedicated SSL Certificate which buy using Order SSL Certificate or I should use other SSL Certificate? Thanks a lot.



The dedicate certificate is for Cloudflare’s edge servers, not for your origin. To get a certificate you can install on your server, you could either get any regular certificate (be it free such LetsEncrypt or paid) or have an origin certificate issued by Cloudflare. The latter you can also get via the control panel.


Thanks a lot sandro. I have choosed Pro Plan and I need the CDN service of cloudflare .
I try to use custom certificate on my server, but when I visit the website I can only see certificate by cloudflare. So I think I it caused by edge servers. So if I want to vistors see the certificate not published by cloudflare I need to upgrade to the Business plan,right?

Thanks a lot.



Yes, if you require a Cloudflare-less certificate you need a business plan.


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