How to do CloudFlare Speed Tests?

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:
Could You test our web-site
and ?

How to check speed and be sure that CloudFlare is useful?

Try,, and

p.s. Your website should have just one canonical URL, so decide if you want it to be ‘www’ or the naked domain. Then redirect that other one to your final choice.

Pls do like @sdayman recommended.
ALso I would also test with GPSI (Google PageSpeed Insights)

CloudFlare is not just good for Speed, yes also, but not just. CLoudFlare is ‘useful’ even without Speed Improvements.
Gives you more Security, more thing out of the Box for free, also free CDN and newest technologys for free. Also free DNS Service.

Your Website is not working, as it fires the Error: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS as it does have a Redirect Loop: --> -->
(SSL) --> (Non SSL) --> (SSL)

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