How to do a "A ALIAS” record in DNS

How to make an “A ALIAS” record in DNS. There no clear instruction and is this possible with Cloudflare? I just transfer my domain from Bluehost because of this problem. But I don’t think maybe Cloudflare can do it either. Please help? Can this be done in the free plan?

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There is no such thing as an “A ALIAS” record. There is an “A” record which is for IPv4 addresses. The label used by CNAME record is known as the alias. These are distinct record types and they may not exist at the same label.

What is the complete record that you were asked to create?

Record Type : ALIAS
Subdomain : None
Value :

When i did CNAME with previously it didn’t work at all. Thats why Im in the process of a transfer to cloudflare. But i may run in to the same issue.

ALIAS is a non-standard record type name used by some DNS services to describe the process that Cloudflare refers to as CNAME flattening. It allows for the use of a CNAME where it would not normally be permissible, usually at the apex name.

You would use a CNAME with flattening enabled in Cloudflare. CNAME flattening is always enabled at the apex in Cloudflare.

Than you. Just to clarify, I don’t have to or need to turn nothing on to do this. Just add my record the same way just make sure to use CNAME. and have nothing in the subdomian area. Can you give the process please and thank you

Also do I need to put www in the domain area or only the domain number. I was told to include www. in the domain as a work around. but that didn’t work either.

There is nothing that you need to enable. You will need to type an @ for the name. This will expand into your apex name, e.g., when it is saved, but that is what you want. Make sure that, unlike your example, the value is not left empty.

I dont understand this is how they gave us to do.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 12.04.39 PM

There has to be more detail that is missing from that image. Where is the target? What do they want you to point that record at?

yes it has a value I just didnt include that.

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You will need to create a CNAME using @ as the name and use the value you were provided. That will create the record that you need. Depending on the requirements of the service you are using, you may need to switch that CNAME from :orange: proxied to :grey: DNS Only.

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Depending on the requirements of the service you are using, you may need to switch that CNAME from :orange: proxied to :grey: DNS Only.

I dont understand, whats this? and How to switch.

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There only two steps for the custom domain. for example not real code
1st step. Add record type: cname
subdomian : hdfhgjg
value: .ghhhgjgj

2nd step:
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 12.04.39 PM

they said this > > > > > > our platform is designed to accept only subdomains,

so not sure if it would be :orange: proxied to :grey: DNS Only.

Try one. If it doesn’t work, change it. It is most likely to need :grey: DNS Only.

Who? What service are you trying to configure and do they have any public documentation that we can view?

If that is the case, you will need to use a hostname. You only enter the hostname as the name, not the FQDN.

it a course platform. I don’t think so I reach out to them about this. and was told this