How to discover what ISP is bellow of Cloudflare?


Some domains are using Cloudflare Services. When you search that domain at whois we can’t see the real ISP server.

There are any way to discover what ISP is bellow of Cloudflare without send a e-mail or fill a form?


Not really, that is the whole point of Cloudflare.

Why would you want that?

I am member of a private Incident Response Team (CSIRT), which removes fake websites and frauds, such as phishing, malware and unauthorized content that affects Brazilian financial institutions from the web.

Some frauds are using Cloudflare to mask the real ISP. We usually fill a form to get the real ISP but in this time the fraudulent content is still working and affecting many users.

We would like know if are there a way to get the real ISP with more agillity?

Abuse approach - Cloudflare is where you need to go then. Only they can forward this to the right place.

Unless you have a court order to reveal the user behind a Cloudflare protected website, there is no easy way you’re going to know what ISP that site operator is using.

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We always fill the form and it is works, but we have to wait a reply to discover the ISP, with this, we entering in contact with the ISP to solve issue.

I am afraid as far as Cloudflare is concerned this is the only way to report abuse.