How to disable warp-cli (ubuntu)?

I would like to disable the warp-cli like it is done in the GUI app. After running warp-cli disconnect I am getting website’s DNS not found error. I hope somebody can help me.
Thank you.

May I ask which mode you’re using? :thinking:
Anything in the logs helpful maybe?

This is a bug. Ive reported it. It also applies to Mint Cinnamon 21 (its what Im using)

The DNS resolver is changed by the warp-cli on the connect command to the local DNS of and

This can be seen looking at the file via… sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

After doing a warp-cli disconnect, you’ll notice one can ping some IP (such as but no resolving.

Edit the resolv.conf manually to use the original warp IPs of and or those of ones own favourite DNS provider :slight_smile:

edit - I should mention, this behaviour of changing the DNS is also done via the Windows client (which is nice). It also changes the DNS to/from automatically… as one would expect. This can be seen by running ipconfig /all in a prompt… both while client is on, and then off. You’ll see it change - as it should in the Linux version.

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If one edits the /etc/resolv.conf to add in the lines you wish to have (i.e. what your original DNS config was) then the commands for connect/disconnect work properly.

The file reverts back to our post-install-edited-file. The warp-cli perhaps is looking for the strings in the resolv.conf… when they are not present on the very first use of register and connect it casually blows away the existing config.

This behaviour changes after manually editing the file.

Be nice to have the desktop client click for on/off…:smiley:


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