How to disable WAF Rules for Endpoint?

What’s the best way to NOT APPLY WAF Rules for a specific Endpoint?

I want to be able to specify this “Rule” before the WAF evaluation.

At first I thought about using “Page Rules”, but reading this article:

I see that if I use the “Disable Security” toggle, this only applies to: WAF managed rules (previous version) - So apparently this does not apply to the current WAF version, which is weird.

Are you using the old WAF or the new one?

I think I’m using the new WAF. That’s the default one, right?

Depends on the account age, many are still on the old WAF. Can you share an image of the WAF dashboard?

Sure, here you go:

Oh; I was referring to the managed rules tab. Should’ve specified.

I’m not on a paid plan, so I don’t have the Managed rules option available.

But what I want to do has to do with WAF Firewall rules, not with WAF Managed rules.

What’s the best way to exclude an endpoint for being evaluated by WAF Firewall Rules?

Anyone that can help me out?

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