How to disable SmartErrors on 404 pages?


Hello there!

Does anyone knows how to disable the Cloudflare custom 404 error page? Please see:

It says “SmartErrors powered by Cloudflare”, but the SmartErrors app is not available anymore.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t find it either, but it still exists in Page Rules.


There was a setting under the old Apps tab, but it’s gone. If you would like it disabled across your entire domain you can submit a support ticket and share the ticket number with me. I’ll be able to escalate it to someone who can do it on the backend.


Thanks, Ryan! I just opened a request, ID #1403509!


Please look for my reply on your ticket. Need to confirm something before passing it along.


Please Help, I also want to disable SmartErrors powered by Cloudflare…
my website -



Hi @ryan - could you please disable the SmartErrors for me as well? Ticket ID is #1443434
Many thanks.


I thought SmartErrors was completely going away, but I can’t find where I saw that.


Not sure if it’s going away (will have to check) but I’ll submit a request to have @user858’s disabled.


I was just checking Google’s crawl errors in WMT and noticed that the default Custom Error page has gone. Can anyone give me more information. Why has it been removed? Is there some way it can be enabled again? Any other alternatives?


I also want to disable Smart Errors powered by Cloudflare… Please Help Me
My Website -


Open up a Support ticket and ask them to disable it for you:
login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


How to diasbale smart errors for my website


As above in this thread.