How to disable rocket loader

How to disable rocket loader. I’m using a Siteground (Host) Free Cloudflare. Do I even have the rocket loader function?

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If you can’t find it in your Cloudflare account (Speed → Optimization section), you’ll have to ask Siteground.

Hello Sdayman,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and help.

I checked the page but don’t see the Optimization section. please refer to the screenshot below. I’m not sure if I checked the right page. (this is my first time to check my cloudflare)

I also asked Siteground support center, and their support center ask me to check if I have the rocket loader function on cloudflare website, since they don’t see the rocket loader option in the cloudflare section in my siteground account/cPanel.

May I know if you have further suggestion? I would like to disable the rocket loader if I have it since my WP theme doesn’t support it. Thank you.

Link updated:

From the given screenshot, you have 3 “sub-menu” items:

  1. Overview
  2. Optimization
  3. Browser Insights

Kindly, click on the sub-menu “Optimization”, then scroll down and you will find out the option “Rocket Loader” to enable or disable it.


I saw them. Thank you so much.

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Sir @sdayman as I believe the OP has found the option for Rocket Loader at Cloudflare dashboard using the written steps and provided screenshots from the above replies, and successfully setup the needed value for it and as there were no further replies due this topic, hopefully it can be safely marked as resolved as far as if there would be no further response regarding it. Thank you.

@superweighfitness Can you confirm to us if you have successfully found an option for setting up (to disable) the “Rocket Loader” and resolved your issue? Thank you.

Hello fritexvz,

The problem is solved but I don’t know how to marked it as solved. Thank you.



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