How to disable redirect http to https and set redirect https to http

hi, how can I disable the redirect from http to https on cloudflare and make sure that if someone writes https he is redirected to http? Thank you

Cloudflare won’t automatically redirect to HTTPS, unless you specifically configured it with “Always use HTTPS”, which you don’t seem to have though.

Redirecting to HTTP would be done via setting the encryption mode to “Off”. Question though, do you have a particular reason you wouldn’t want to use SSL?

Yes, when someone accesses the site via https, the video on a page does not work because it is external to my site and does not have a secure certificate

So you are saying you are embedding external content which cannot be loaded via HTTPS?

Yes, in that case I am afraid you’d need to keep your site on HTTP and you should choose “Off” as encryption mode.

But you might still want to look into how to secure that, in particular as you have a login area and that will mean you’ll send passwords in an insecure fashion. One option could be to proxy such external content or to simply host it yourself.

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