How to disable rate limit?

Hello. I’m having and issue with cloudflare’s rate limit feature.
I’m currently doing a portzilla reverse proxy to a minecraft dynmap ip. I noticed that me and my friends are getting rate limited in our own website for some reason. Looking for a way to disable it I’ve found out that you have to enable rate limiting because is a paid service.
I don’t understand how is rate limit affecting my website if it isn’t even enabled?
Dynmap uses a lot of data, so it’s impossible to use with the rate limit feature. Any way to disable it?

Do you have the specific error message or code? CF only does free rate limiting when the client is making thousands of requests a second, which is likely not the case for you. It’s possible something else is triggering the block.

Be sure to check your firewall event log as well - it’ll likely show what sort of blocks are being applied.

This is the error

and this is my log

This is the first time I see as the source IP address.

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I guess I should contact support?

2267181 @MoreHelp

Let me put this into escalation queue.

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We are investigating this on the ticket. We will update you on the ticket with support. With reference to ticket #2267181.


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