How to disable login alerts



I want to be able to disable login alerts. Sometimes I login multiple times and every time I get login alert emails. It is getting annoying.

I see no option regarding this issue in panel. Or am I missing something.



First off, there is no option to disable these emails. However, I’ve already relayed the feedback to the appropriate folks so they are aware of the desire.

Now, onto why this could be happening. Let’s assume, just for this discussion, that all the logins are by you and your account is secure. You should only get these alert emails when you login from somewhere that you haven’t logged in from in a while. This shouldn’t happen very often if you are logging in from consistent locations. If you are logging in via mobile it may happen more often but still shouldn’t be a lot.


indeed. Too much emails cause email blindness. I avoid all mails from cloudflare. If I get few emails, then it may attract my attention.


This is something Cloudflare should look at. Annoying and imo unnecessary for users with 2-step authentication turned on.

Today for instance I got two emails from Cloudflare, both recording the same IP address and same User Agent, alerting me that someone accessed Cloudflare from a different location.

And yet, in neither of theses instances I was asked for my 2-step authentication code, because I’ve opted to “remember this computer”. So Cloudflare knows enough about my login that it doesn’t ask for the authentication code, and yet sends me the annoying message about someone logging in from a different location?

If Cloudflare isn’t comfortable letting users turn this on/off, it should definitely consider disabling this for users with 2-step authentication in place.