How to disable loading

Dear community,

We are big fans of Zaraz and we implemented GA4 on it.

Just a couple of questions:

  1. Could someone please advise what might trigger and how we can disable its loading (given we don’t use ads/remarketing/signals etc.)?

  2. also seems to be fired by Zaraz
    Is that the correct way (extra 3rd party request) or this can be somehow optimised?

Please see lines 49 and 51 here for reference

Many thanks

Any thoughts, guys?

I’m sure that is triggered by Zaraz (as it wasn’t loaded with disabled Zaraz).

Any suggestions much appreciated

Google Ads / Google Analytics. It’s mandatory for these tools to operate. You can ask Google to change that but Zaraz can’t do anything about it.

Thanks @yoav_zaraz

so, just to double-check - it’s how GA (without ads) is supposed to work (in google’s opinion)?

is there any tool/plugin to block loading of doubleclick and ads/ga-audiences without breaking GA4 functionality?

You can disable Audiences using the Google Analytics 4 settings in Zaraz (also check out “Add field”). You can also disable client-side network requests in the tool’s permissions.

Thanks for the hint @yoav_zaraz

However, it looks like disabling Client network requests kills only Audiences, but not the 2-click
See the following links for your reference
Client network requests ON link
Client network requests OFF link

Any ideas on how to kill the 2-click?

if you disable both unsafe client side scripts execution and client network requests, the tool will not be able to make any requests from the browser.

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Thanks @yoav_zaraz!

Do you mean disabling these two?
Won’t it kill the functionality of GA4@Zaraz?

No, Zaraz doesn’t let you disable critical functionality. Most GA features should work normally

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Yay, that did the trick, many thanks @yoav_zaraz!

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