How to disable IPv6 compatibility in cloud

Hi team, we were facing some connectivity issue with 3rd party and had to disable the IPv6 compatibility in cloudflare few months back. After some change @ client side we enabled the IPv6 2 days back but issue reappeared. However, now there is no option to disable it again. Can anyone please suggest how to disable the IPv6 compatibility when radio button is not allowing it anymore?

Use this API endpoint…

Only Enterprise accounts have the switch in the dashboard now.

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Thanks for providing the solution @sjr . One more question. In order to execute this I need to create an API token. What permission should I assign to it so that it is allowed to make the change ?

As this is a one-off command, quicker just to use the global API key, see here…

For a token, the permissions will be those related to zone settings I assume.

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