How to disable FB script js and jquery js that is initiated by Rocket loader

I have been trying to fix this for long. My marketing agency site doesn’t need any FB scripts to run so I deleted it from my server. But I can see from the network diagnostics that it’s still being initiated by Rocket loader and blocks quite a bit of time to load other resources.

In the below screenshot you can see all those unwanted scripts that I deleted from the server but still end up getting called by Rocket loader.

Please help. How to disable them all for good.

In your page code, I see some <script> lines near the bottom that reference those scripts.

I see that you’ve cached your home page, probably with a Cache Everything rule. Have you tried doing a Purge Everything under Cloudflare Caching?

You deleted the js files physically but didn’t from Wordpress. So the links still appear on the html page (dynamically run by Wordpress). That’s why you see 404 error.

Need to check which plugin or theme generated the links and remove them there.

Hi sdayman, thank you for your reply.

I have cleared the cache multiple times. My question though is how to disable a script when it is being initiated not from my own server.

Hi cuded2, I am not using Wordpress.

Right you use the staticSiteGenerator “Mobirise”.

You do missunderstand something here. RocketLoader is just “initiating” script which are in the DOM of your HTML. So RocketLoader actually does not LOAD the script but instead just tells the Browser WHEN it is allowed to load it.

The Scripts itself are set in your DOM (end of the Body Tag) and would be there even if you disable RocketLoader.

To remove these script you have to remove (the LINKS, not the Files) from your Website. Therefor please edit your page and remove the unwanted JS files.

This is 100% a template problem which is not related to CloudFlare.

The lower two requests just show a fallback to local DiskCache:

What you most probably did: you wanted your site to load faster therefore you deleted unnecessary JS files. But you actually just removed them from the Server, not the DOM. So your pages still tells every visitor to load them, thats why they trigger a 404.

So: if you edit your template not to include these links ALL your problems will be solved. But please notice: this problem never have been related to CLoudFlare, this is a template problem.

RocketLoader works like this: it just loads scripts which are already in the DOM! It does not add anything what is not already here. But it optimizes the Load-Order. Nothing more.
Most websites btw does not need RocketLoader, mine for example even gets “slower” as its already natively optimized. BUT RocketLoader is not the problem here.


Brilliant! Thank you so much Martin. This is indeed very helpful.

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