How to disable DNS proxying?

I am trying to obtain a managed certificate as explained here:

The problems appear right away, because one of the requirements is as follows:

The DNS records for your domain must reference the IP address of your load balancer’s target proxy

On Cloudflare, I set an A record to 35.XXX.YYY.ZZZ for my subdomain However, when I query the subdomain I get a different set of IP addresses, because Cloudflare hides the original one: has address has address

This causes the certificate provisioning to fail, because it does not see the correct IP address. This persists even if I disabling the proxying through the orange cloud icon.

How can this be solved?

Switching to :grey: does disable the proxy. If it still points to the proxies it rather is a caching issue. Simply wait a couple of hours.


Indeed, now it works. I was just impatient, my bad.

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