How to disable cpanel ssl so I can use cloudflare ssl


The autossl on cpanel makes it difficult to use the cloudflare ssl.
I use the full ssl.

I filled in the cloudflare certificate, private key and Cloudflare Origin CA — RSA Root for the bundle for the

I wanted to exclude the, but nothing can be boxed to exclude it anymore. So I thought I was finished, but Then I got another message in mail that auto ssl had renewed the ssl, with mention off autossl reduced ssl coverage. So the cloudflare ssl got overwritten I think.

So does this mean you can’t use cloudflare on cpanel if you want to use ssl?


Set SSL at least to Full here and it should work. Visitors will see the Cloudflare cert, while traffic between Cloudflare and your server is encrypted with your CPanel certificate.

If the cert on your origin is valid (not expired, not self signed etc.) you can set SSL to Full (strict)


That is the thing… it is set on Full already, but somehow it did get overwritten by autoSSL again.


If AutoSSL is still bothering you, you can turn it off in cPanel here :
Security > SSL/TLS > Manage SSL sites. > Scroll to your website > Click ‘Uninstall’ to remove AutoSSL (just to be sure, click ‘Certificate Details’ first to see if it is the certificate you want to remove).



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