How to disable CNAME flattering

I have a problem as I need to show to google apps that I am able to set up CNAME. Inside a panel I am not able to switch off CNAME flattering so CNAME is set but it reflects to A record which does not exists.

Any suggestions?

requesting tickets send me to this page.

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CNAME flattening will only occur on the root of the domain (, so all you have to do to disable it is to not set a CNAME at the root.

If possible post the domain (or subdomain) you’re trying to set up the CNAME on.

Do you mean G Suite? Normally you add a CNAME record for the subdomain you’re trying to use with G Suite (e.g. and point it to You may need to temporarily disable Cloudflare proxy/CDN until Google sees the new record. AFAIK you can’t use the apex domain with G Suite.

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