How to disable cname flattening

Hey, so im having trouble trying to take cname flattening off my record? thats the only one i need to take off cname flattening. im getting confused on how to do it, , anyone know how i can disable this problem?

As I mentioned in your other thread, a naked domain cant be a CNAME in the first place so you cant disable flattening.

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At Sandro is correct. The RFCs which define how the interwebs are supposed to work specifically say that the root/apex record for a domain can’t be a CNAME. So Cloudflare has to flatten that record or other servers/tools on the webs could/would strenuously object breaking your DNS resolution. Since an A record is the only thing allowed (well technically an ANAME record is also allowed, but it is functionally equivalent to what Cloudflare is doing here) if you want to stop the behavior Cloudflare is exhibiting you could instead remove the CNAME record for you apex and replace it with an A record.

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From what I believe to have understood from the other thread, the user needs a CNAME as his service validates the record in that way, so the naked domain likely wont be an option at all.

I’ve purchase that domain from Namecheap, I’ve have done step by step, and it goes to cname flattening

Thats very nice. Doesnt change what I wrote before :wink:

I need a cname record so I can use a custom domain on the website, im done the step on there article, I have purchased a domain, then I came to Cloudflare, did the steps and it comes to cname flattening, I’ve message a helper on there, they said I have to remove the cname flattening for it to work correctly

It would be nice if you actually read the responses you are getting :wink:

Im new to this , I dont even know what a naked domain is, that’s why I’m asking for help

Google is your friend in that case :wink:

A naked domain is what you posted here. If you want a CNAME you need to define a dedicated host record, i.e.

Can this be any help?

No, thats just the nameservers. Dont touch that.

Again, you need to set up a hostname of the sort of

Oh so like

Will I have to purchase a new domain?

For example.

And no, you dont need another domain as that record will simply be part of your domain. I would suggest you follow up on that by familiarising yourself with DNS.

Yeah this is difficult, im gonna just leave it and not use a custom domain :joy: thanks anyways

Setting that up or learning about DNS?

The former is not that difficult, you simply decide on a name and set up a CNAME.

The latter maybe a bit more, but thats the learning curve everyone has to go through and if you dont want to hire an external consultant you’ll have to go that route yourself :slight_smile:

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