How to disable cloudflare?

Eversince i have used Cloudflare and changed my http to https, i can’t make changes to WP-Admin.
My domain support suggested that it is cloudfare is blocking the API and it needs to be disabled to check this further.
May i know how to disable cloudfare?

To disable/pause Cloudflare, go to your dashboard and on the domain in question, select “Overview” (upper left). You might have to scroll down, but near the bottom right, look for “Advanced Actions.” It should be the section beneath “API” (Zone ID and Account ID).

From there, you can either Pause Cloudflare on Site, or Remove Site from Cloudflare. In your case, it’s looking like you should select “Pause.” It might take a little time for CF to be disabled.

The suggested topic can be found at “How to disable cloudflare?

Hope this helps.

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