How to disable Cloudflare Proxy?

I bought a domain from a 3rd party domain provider and wanted to connect it with shopify. But it says disable cloudflare proxy, but can’t seem to find my domain here. How to turn off cloudflare proxy so I can connect with my shopify store?

What’s the domain?

lhamour period kom

What’s at

I turned off the proxy 2 hours ago, let’s see if this is what it takes only.

That was not my question and the proxy still seems to be enabled. Can you post a screenshot of the entire page?

You need to fix your DNS configuration, you currently have Cloudflare addresses configured and that cannot work.

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Change the nameserver? to what?

I did not talk about nameservers, your DNS entries are not correct.

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No, the DNS entries on Cloudflare are wrong. You need to contact your host and clarify which ones you need.

Would transferring the nameserver from cloudflare disable to cloudflare proxy?

The proxy is already disabled, that is not the issue. But if you change nameservers back to your host, that may also fix the DNS issue.

  • Your domain has a Cloudflare Proxy, which is not supported by Shopify: This can cause connection issues. We recommend you remove the proxy.

this is the issue I have currently from shopify

I can understand why they wrote that, but it’s nonetheless incorrect.

You really best change the nameservers of your domain back to your host. It should work then.

Will try.

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