How to disable cloudflare dns

I replace with cloudflare’s dns by accident, how do I rollback or disable cloudflare dns?

You can go to your Domain Registrar and change the name servers to the ones your web host has provided for you.

Thanks sdayman!

cloudflare actually is not able to change my dns from my registrar. Because I did replacing dns in cloudflare website, then in my hosting company siteground system I’m not able to activate cloudflare. The error message is:
“CF Error: Your’s DNS is hosted by CloudFlare. If you’d like to switch to, you must first deactivate and then delete “” within CloudFlare</a>. These options are available in the Settings menu.”

That domain is using Siteground’s DNS. I suggest you contact Siteground for help.

siteground support ask me to contact couldflare…

And now you can tell them that you have.:roll_eyes:

I believe some change must be made on cloudflare side, because it is in pending status, and always waiting for dns update, which will never happen, but how to remove this pending status from couldflare?
Due to this status on cloudflare, so I’m not able to activate cloudflare on siteground.
I wonder if cloudflare only allow to add sites, and not allow to remove sites? If so, it is scarely…

If it’s Pending, it’s in your dashboard and you can delete it from the overview page, lower right corner.

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