How to Disable CloudFlare analytics tracking


How can I disable Cloudflare Analytics? I already have a very good, cookie based optional implementation of Google Analytics for users who wan to enable it and those who do not. Please help me regarding this.



You can’t disable it. It’s basic analytics of traffic that goes through Cloudflare and it doesn’t impact the visitor experience at all.


It isn’t about the user experience, I do not want more than necessary trackers and I want them to be toggleable by the user. Please lemme know if there’s something I can do to get arounf this.


There’s no way around it.

As of Oct 2020, this can now be disabled.

In your account: Speed -> Browser insights -> Configurations (a left hand tab)

It shouldn’t be enabled by default and in my opinion that reflects badly on Cloudflare but at least you can turn it off.

That’s different. Browser Insights is actually a relatively new feature that measures performance:

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Ah yes, you’re right. Well, this page comes up high in google searches for confused people (like myself) trying to just disable this piece of javascript they’ve discovered that cloudflare in injecting into each page so perhaps it will help someone.

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I am also looking for this and I am pretty darn sure by GDPR rules, CloudFlare hast to provide a setting to turn ALL tracking off.

One thing is servers storing IPs, another thing is CDNs telling me “where from my visitors are” without A) ability to turn that off and B) more importantly allow me as webmaster to delete data in case a visitor requests it.

This is a must. @cloudflare, inputs on this one?
It is an old topic but meanwhile it is 2021 and GDPR is mandatory for anyone who plans to interact with European visitors.

You cannot force us to force use “accept cookies” or whatsoever. You must provide, just as anyone else, a opt in and out setting.

Hi everyone. I stumbled upon this thread while trying to fix our DuckDuckGo Privacy Grade.

Apparently, Cloudflare Insights can be disabled.

Go to: Speed → Browser insights → Go to Web Analytics → Manage Site → Advanced Options → Toggle “JS Snippet injection” to disabled → Uncheck “Disable automatic setup and manually install JS Snippet”

Final step: Forget to manually install JS Snippet :slight_smile:

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For me cloudflare insights is called from the client site and phones home as you can see from the network tab. This happens without installing a js snippet and just by managing the domain with cf dns.


Is there any way to turn off these rum analytics? making extra network requests from the client side isnt needed.


To disable RUM:
in dashboard → Analytics → web Analytics → select domain → manage site → under " advanced options"
check “Disable automatic setup” → wait for some time