How to disable cache on certian pages

Hi I am using Membership works on one of my sites and the login system breaks when using Cloudflare cache.

I have added in page rules and the beta cache rules to bypass the URI/URLs although it still seems to be cached to some degree and the pages still are not working as they should.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

May I ask if you’re using Cloudflare Page Rules and have Cache Level set to Cache Everything in your case? :thinking:

If so, you’d end-up having issues like you’ve been describing. Cache Everything shouldn’t be used in such case.
Better approach would be to either upgrade to a higher paid plan which offers the option “Bypass cache on cookie” as described at the article from below:

There is also a way to configure it via Cloudflare Workers (which might also cost due to the number of the requests):

Furthermore, using Caching Rules, you can define for specific paths to disable the cache.
Nevertheless, with Transform Rules you could also configure the HTTP Response for particular login path to not cache anything for and under it if needed.

Helpful articles:

Have you tried to Purge the Cache via Purge Everything from CF dashboard? :thinking:

Could you share a URL to the resource so we could double-check the HTTP headers?

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