How to disable brotli for small file size of <600bytes?

I enabled brotli compression inside dashboard BUT
I also used Cloudflare Workers.

It’s kind of “not smart” that even 100bytes of plain text of robots.txt is brotlied. That just doesnt make sense.

How do I disable brotli inside my Cloudflare Workers or how can I have dashboard to be Brotli enabled BUT cloudflare workers i can control the content encoding output?

Only makes sense if you’re doing brotli processing on origin. As cloudflare edge server is doing it for you, the overhead won’t be that great. But if you don’t want that, I wonder if setting cache control header to no-transform for those specific assets would do the job


No transformations or conversions should be made to the resource. The Content-Encoding , Content-Range , Content-Type headers must not be modified by a proxy. A non-transparent proxy or browser feature such as Google’s Light Mode might, for example, convert between image formats in order to save cache space or to reduce the amount of traffic on a slow link. The no-transform directive disallows this.