How to disable automatic installs of .tool-versions and package.json

My project uses asdf’s .tool-versions but requires installing plugins in order to install the versions specified. This causes builds to fail immediately after checkout, before running my first build step – which is installing asdf plugins :slight_smile:

Elsewhere in the forums, I found references to adding a build environment variable SKIP_DEPENDENCY_INSTALL set to 1 or true, but that doesn’t seem to work on the v2 image right now. Is there another incantation to achieve this outcome?

|6:24:56.519|Cloning repository...|
|16:25:01.933| * branch            deadbeef -> FETCH_HEAD|
|16:25:02.810|HEAD is now at deadbee fix(frontend/step-notes): send previous cell textRaw if not changing|
|16:25:02.981|Success: Finished cloning repository files|
|16:25:03.988|Warning: Specified NODE_OPTION --max_old_space_size value is higher than allowed - setting to 7620|
|16:25:04.084|Found a .tool-versions file. Installing dependencies.|
|16:25:04.828|cmake plugin is not installed|
|16:25:04.849|java plugin is not installed|
|16:25:04.883|redis plugin is not installed|
<and a few other plugins>
|16:25:04.919|Error: Exit with error code: 1|
|16:25:04.920|    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/snapshot/dist/run-build.js)|
|16:25:04.920|    at Object.onceWrapper (node:events:652:26)|
|16:25:04.920|    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:537:28)|
|16:25:04.920|    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)|
|16:25:04.935|Failed: build command exited with code: 1|
|16:25:06.020|Failed: error occurred while running build command|

I’ve just run into exactly the same issue.