How to disable 301 Domain Redirect setup by Cloudflare

I recently added our client’s site to Cloudflare for DNS management and Edge Certificate. We had completed the website and now wanted to move the site from the staging subdomain to the final domain.

Unfortunately the subdomain was unsecured before I started this process, and it resulted in mixed content issue, so I pointed the website back to the subdomain to undo these problems.

While in the process of fixing these issues, somehow a 301 Redirect was enabled by Cloudflare that pointed the root domain to the staging subdomain.

I’ve looked everywhere to pin down this 301 redirect, but I can’t trace it anywhere in our client’s Cloudflare account. Is there someone who could point me in the right direction on where to track this 301 redirect down?

Were you able to find this redirect? It sounds like a page rule. If you did not implement that page rule, you should check your audit log and probably change your dash password and API key.

Thanks for your feedback. The problem ended up being a Permalink setting in the Wordpress admin, that caused the 301 redirect. Once updated with the correct Url, the redirect was corrected and the site now loads correctly.

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