How to directly and easily find a list of support node modules?

I tried looking up on the official website but was unable to find a complete page which makes is a little tricky to work with.

I’m aware of: Runtime APIs · Cloudflare Workers docs

But modules like:

…are not directly listed, am I missing something?

Because of the limited support of nodejs compatibility it is little difficult to work with and takes away the benefit and freedom of working with nodejs altogether.

So far I love the cf workers but having a list of supported node modules will be super helpful.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Given the sheer number of node modules that exist (over 1 million in 2019) maintaining a single list of supported packages is probably impossible (and certainly impractical.)

Have you read over Node.js compatibility · Cloudflare Workers docs

@anon9246926 thanks for replying, yes I read the link you provided but the issue remains the same, right? It is more of like a hit-and-miss situation, even if you enable node compatibility still you can’t be sure whether say xyz module will work this the cf workers.

lmk if I’m missing something here.

Most of the

As noted here (I had to search for it, again)

… some, which implement fs, http/net, or access the browser window do not directly translate…

The trick is to know whether the module uses any of the above, or something listed outside the documentation. Looking through the cloudflare-workers topic on GitHub could also help.

TBH I’ve never had much issue with compatibility save for the odd module that used fs.

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