How to differentiate chinese traffic if its legit or not from baidu?


We are constantly getting chinese traffic from baidu. It is hard to understand why it is coming. Is there a way to understand if they are actual user?


“From Baidu” as in crawlers claiming to be Baidu or requests with Baidu search URLs in the referrer?


I’ve looked to g analytics and they are seem like actual Chinese visitors from baidu. But it is strange our site indexed there and getting traffic but that is not chinese interested. So it looks so strange. Also chinese visitors do not purchase anything.


So you do mean requests from people coming from a Baidu search result? As your site is indexed these might be legitimate requests, but if you are concerned you could add a JavaScript challenge.
Is there any pattern in the requests?


What do you mean by pattern?
Yes I believe they are legitimate traffic from Baidu. But our site isn’t really interested for China traffic. It is for EU and USA only (also aus/canada). So it is strange to get chinese traffic. So do you know a good way to redirect their traffic to a promo offer or if I challenge them then I would decrease my SEO scores?


In the requests. Time of requests, referrer, user agent, network, etc.

Sure, which server software are you using?

With Chinese or with Western search engines? With the former possibly, with the latter probably not so much, unless they specifically index from China.

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