How to determine closest data center for a service?

Is there any way to discover which of Cloudflare data centers has the fastest connection to some remote service?

I’d like to know where should I colocate my own service to achieve the best response times for some remote, Cloudflare protected, service knowing just it’s URL.

You should always colocate your own service closest to the majority of your visitors.

Or are you trying to drill down to actual peering within a city?

You can start from here

Ah, I think I understand. You want a global speed test to see which region has the fastest response so you can colocate to there.


Thanks, the scenario with CDN Perfromance Check is something that address my question in general, but I’m looking for something like that dedicated to Cloudflare locations (especially in Central/Eastern Europe).

The reason is that my software is more a private agent rather than a public accessible service.

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