How to deploy monorepos on pages

How to deploy monorepo projects like this?

  • vercel/commerce


We’re currently scoping out work for monorepos! I’d love if you could answer some questions about your monorepo so we know the requirements when developing it :slight_smile:

#1 What dependencies are you using right now to control your monorepo (lerna/other/none)?

#2 What is the current structure of your monorepo?

#3 What features do you need in order for us to support your monorepo?


Has there been in any work on this? We would like to run /vercel/commerce on Cloudflare pages, but we can’t get it to work as it is a monorepo. Can someone provide some detailed explanation on how it can get done?

Are there any updates in this topic, I also want to host a monorepo on cloudflare.

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