How to deploy a nodejs app, such as nestjs

I’ve just started exploring Cloudflare and am not yet fully familiar with all its features. I noticed that some of its functionalities are similar to Vercel, such as deploying static pages and running serverless functions. However, I am more interested in understanding how to deploy a complete Node.js application on Cloudflare, for instance, a fully-fledged server-side application developed with NestJS. It seems that Cloudflare Workers might not be sufficient for this purpose. Additionally, does Cloudflare offer any containerized deployment solutions? I haven’t been able to find information on this. Thanks!

Hello there, thanks for using Cloudflare.

Have you had the change to review our framework guide for Next.js?

You can also check with the Discord Community for tips on how to accomplish your goal. Some members may have a similar mechanism in place: