How to demonstrate your website is secure using Cloudflare?

I am new and getting started. I have launched my new website and trying to find a way to show my visitors that my website is secure and safe to transact. Is there some image from cloudflare that I can show? Or any other mechanism to display trust to my visitors?

Cloudflare offers some badges, but they are pretty pointless.

Your site does not become more secure because of Cloudflare. Is your server configured for HTTPS? That is the most important bit for a secure site.

Thanks. I use the basic SSL on siteground for https. My setting on cloudflare is set to Full (Strict).

Sounds good, then both connections should be encrypted. The question would be now how safe the site itself is, but this is something only an audit can answer, which will be an overkill in this context (unless you handle financial data).

As for badges, you can have a look at but I really wouldn’t bother to be honest :slight_smile:.

The best way to show that your site is secure (at least on the transport layer) is really by having an SSL certificate.

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