How to delete www domain name

Hello how can it be delete www domain name
I want all website links to be without www

That’s a bit risky to delete www subdomain, some users might not able to access your website if they type www in front of your domain.

I suggest you to redirect www traffic to non-www URLs using page rules.

Something like this:

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But if you still want to proceed, just click Edit and click Delete.

Yes, I want to direct to the site without www
What should be deleted in order to direct the site without www

If you want to do redirection, don’t delete any records.

Instead, create the page rule as what I mentioned in the previous reply.

Thank you, now I’ll try :+1:

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Hold on, I just checked your website and it looks like your server is redirecting to You need to remove the configuration in your server first, or else you will get redirect loops.


Use hosting SiteGround
How remove the configuration in server؟

I guess you need to contact Siteground support for this.

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I will contact the hosting
Thank you so much

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Really a problem with hosting
She asked them to delete www
And now things are fine
Thank you

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