How to delete users from Zero Trust

How can we delete the users in Zero Trust. It is only INACTVITING the users instead of deleting.

Currently we have 23 of 50 available users nut still we are unable to add new users in our account.
Someone please help us ASAP.

Hello Nimesh!

Please try the below steps:

Remove a user

  1. Go to My Team > Users.
  2. Select the checkbox next to an Active user.
  3. Select Action > Remove users.

The user will now show as Inactive and will no longer occupy a seat. If a user is removed, and then authenticates once more, they will count as a seat again.

Hello @aleksandrriabov thanks for the reply.

I have tried the same process and currently we have 23 active users out of 50. But even when I am trying to add New user it is showing that we have reached the Limit.
I think this is because of Inactive users.
Is there any possible way to delete the inactive users.

Check the User Seat expiration in the Zero Trust dashboard: