How to delete PHANTOM TXT record by Cloudflare?

I was installing Lets encrypt SSL on my domain but got txt entry issue . On further researching I found that there is this PHANTOM TXT record by Cloudflare (added by them, you will not be able to see it on your DNS section) which you need to request CF to remove.

Once it is removed, you should not be seeing this entry on the global DNS checker, & then you can install Wildcard SSL with no issues.

Please help me to remove this phantom TXT record.

Rajul Aggarwal

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If your zone doesn’t have Universal SSL certificates and AMP Real URL is not enabled, these records should be removed automatically.

Although if you would like to use universal SSL still, you should be able to add CAA records in your dashboard for the company who is provisioning your SSL.

Please see below for our guide on CAA records:
Add CAA records.

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