How to delete Edge Certificates?

You’d need to disable Universal SSL at the bottom at the page.

However, why would you want to do that? Unless you have another edge certificate in place your site will throw an error on HTTPS.

Yes I have, I want to switch to “Let’s Encrypt”.

If you want to use your own certificate, you would need to be on a Business or Enterprise plan.

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If you want to switch to Lets Encrypt you’d need stop proxying and direct requests directly to your server. Otherwise you have to use an edge certificate, I believe the ACM does support LE as CA, however you better clarify this with support.

In short, just keep the certificate and make sure the certificate on your server is valid too.


The Advanced Certificate Manager spports Let’s Encrypt for, * only and costs 10$/month. It’s not worth it just for that.

Of course the ACM will cost $10 but if the OP requires an LE certificate that will be the only option, short of a $200 Business plan.

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I added a new website and found that there is no “Edge Certificates” by default.

Is this operation irreversible?

You must have disabled Universal SSL then.

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Simply make sure Universal SSL is enabled and you are good to go.

Maybe I don’t understand what “Edge Certificates” is and what it does.
I think I need to learn first

That’s a good idea :wink: ->

An edge certificate is the certificate on the proxies and you need that.

Thank you very much, I will learn

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