How to Delete Domain From Registrar?

I have several domains in the CF Domain Registrar that I have stopped renewing and they have expired months ago. But I want to delete them from my domain list. But I can’t. Every time I try to access the “manage” page for the domain by clicking in the link beside it, CF gives me a 404 message (only for domains that have expired). But they still persist on that list. How can I completely remove or delete a domain? Thanks.

How many months has it been? I had one expire three months ago and it no longer shows up in my Registrar list. I’m not sure when it finally dropped off, but I thought it took less than two months.

And now I guess I have the opposite problem. Registrar doesn’t show it, but the zone is still in my account. I just never bothered to remove it, though it should have been dropped at some point because it’s not pointing to Cloudflare name servers.


If I could just share an experience, as far as I remember and I checked a moment ago … but it’s related to a different registrar.

There were two domains still showing on my domain list under my account which I didn’t renew and already expired. I had to contact their support to remove them from my account.

  • Namecheap, domains were .eu and .xyz TLD …

Nevertheless, on few local registrars, I still see the domains are still listed under my account even after years of they expired or were transfered away. And I cannot remove them, unless I think I should contact registrar to remove them manually from my registered account in ther WHMCS system.

  • the local registrar is using WHMCS system, domains are .com TLD …

I cannot admit, but I am not sure if it’s the same with Cloudflare Registrar.


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