How to Delete Cloudflare Open Proxies List

I want to delete a proxy list from my Cloudflare account. Kindly, help me, I am unable to delete it.

It’s a managed list, you can’t remove it.

Why do you want to remove it? It does nothing unless you explicitly use it in rules.

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Actually, I have purchased Cloudflare for my website but I am unable to install it on my website… Below you can see the screenshot of the error.

I want to know if there is any way to delete managed list from the Cloudflare account. If there is any way to do so, kindly tell me…

There is no way to “delete” the list. However, you have to manually configure firewall rules/ Workers to actually use the list, so check if you have used the list in your own WAF rules or Workers. The list is only available on Enterprise plans.

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