How to delete a website , which I added for a SSL request?

H,i this is Rainer from RANALA WEB. A friendly hello to the Cloudflare community.

I wanted to use the Cloudflare SSL service for a CNAME custom domain and added a website. How to delete this request, because I’ve changed my mind and don’t want to use Cloudflare for this domain ?

Thanks in advance

If you have already changed nameservers, you can move your nameservers back to your previous host/DNS provider and Cloudflare will no longer serve the domain.

If you haven’t changed nameservers, just leave it as it is, and CF will eventually remove it automatically.

Thanks Judge,

In the meantime I found a solution quite far below on the page. Under ’ Advanced Actions’ exists a link ‘Remove Site from Cloudflare’

All the best

Regardless, if you no longer use Cloudflare you should ensure that your nameservers don’t point to Cloudflare.

thanks Jugde

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