How to delete a domain

hi there!
with one the domains that is served through Cloudflare i have serious problems; i have reset the dns with the origin host so that Cloudflare is not used for this site but now i would also like to delete the domain from the list of domains in Cloudflare, so not just bypassing it by clicking the orange clouds, but completely delete it for now;
where can i delete a domain? i do see the possibility to add domains but not to delete one

From you domain’s Overview tab here at Cloudflare, click on the Advanced link in the Status section. That gives you the Pause and Delete options.

thanx, but i don’t see a status section or an advanced link in the overview of my domains;
could you give an url?

It’s on Overview screen so there isn’t another URL to give, but here are some pics.

Below the Quick Actions dropdown click on Advanced. The window will reveal two more options.

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oops, this must be my off-day :frowning:
sorry that i missed that, thanks a lot!

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No worries. It happens to the best of us :slight_smile:

Sorry to bring this back up, but is there a waiting time for the deletion to be permanent?

Setup of a new domain didn’t work so want to delete and start over, but when I re-add a domain (via dreamhost) Cloudflare remembers the settings.

Cloudflare normally does remember the settings. I find it annoying, but I think it’s helpful for people who just want want their old setup back.

Yeah that would be good normally, but I want to have a clean setup so I can test a process.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,I want to delete a domain but the solution given in this thread seems no longer valid. Here’s the overview page of the domain I want to delete, but I don’t see advance link as shown in the solution above. What am I missing please? Here’s my app overview page:

It should be at the bottom right under “Advanced Actions”.


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there is no Advanced link out there…

It is not a link. Post a screenshot of the bottom half of your overview page.

It looks like @cohen found the remove site from Cloudflare option.