How to delect CLOUDFLARE

i don’t have an acount and i did not instal it on my cumputer. I don’t want it to exist. can some tall my how my cumputer has it and how to delat it.

i don’t have an acount.

That makes me sad … :cry:

Cloudflare is nothing to install. Its something to configurate. There are products which you must install to use it but most of it does not require any installation, therefore you can not delete it.

But if you explain us what exactly from Cloudflare you have installed on your computer and in what way you are using it we can help you?


Are you talking about -

  • Cloudflares DNS?
  • WARP as a Programm?
  • a Website that uses Cloudflare?
  • any other service from Cloudflare?

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