How to decrypt "encrypted_matched_data" of Firewall event log in splunk?

hello. everyone.
I am trying to collect Cloudflare Firewall Event Log with Splunk.

If you look at the Firewall Event Log, the “encrypted_matched_data” Field item is encrypted.

(I know decryption using “matched-data-cli”)

I am curious how to decrypt all the numerous firewall event logs.

Any examples of efficient decryption using “matched-data-cli” in Splunk?

How did you design it?

Let me throw THIS in here:

To decrypt an encrypted matched data blob:

$ cat private_key.txt
$ cat matched_data.txt
$ matched-data-cli decrypt -k private_key.txt matched_data.txt
test matched data

For how to do it in Splunk specifically, please ask in the Splunk community, or the Splunk support directly as not related to Cloudflare.

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