How to deal with Invalid Traffic?

Hello, I began to use cloudflare 4 months ago and also purchased its pro plan at the same time to deal with invalied traffic concerns but cloudflare is proving useless in this regard.
It’s [polish] function proved useless instead of reducing load time it somehow manage to increase it by 10%.
I don’t really know if WAF is even useful. If it is, please help me configure it.
Super Bot FIght Mode seemed to have fatal weaknesses which renders it completely useless.
Only feature which is helpful to me is firewall rule but I am a newbie and am using very basic rules like challanging countries.
Guys, please help me with setting some good firewall rules to block that invalid traffic.

What is “invalid traffic” for your domain? Do they have some common characteristic - source country, faker bots, unwanted crawlers/bots?

Do you have a login page - are they hitting the page constantly?

Do you have access to your logs and are able to analyse traffic from there?

Tons of both traffic from a country like normally 2k daily traffic from ph but suddenly become 31k.
Invalid traffic as in AdSense

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