How to deactivate the cloudflare firewall for a user when he already passed once?

Hello, I figured out how to make a firewall rule in order to protect myself, however, I have a question now. How can I show the rule only once per IP address that solves it? At the moment when I pass the firewall and open the website from incognito I see the challenge again. How can I prevent this?

You cant. It is session specific and in private windows you have a new session. At best you could install

What is your current rule?

I am showing captcha to everyone that don’t match a specific URI Path, excluding the known bots. (The path is a random string, because I wanted to show the captcha to everyone, however, I want to make it per IP and not per session.

That would not work I am afraid.

Not possible with Cloudflare nor would it be a good idea. With NAT hundreds, if not thousands, of users can be behind the same IP.

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