How to deactivate billing when you don't have email


Your position on ‘create a new account if you lose access to your email’ is pretty clear Forgot access to account. I think it makes sense if from the standpoint of a site owner.

Where it doesn’t make sense is from the perspective of being the active billing contact (I’m getting monthly $20 charges from CloudFlare), but not having any idea what domains are on the account or what the email address is. For all intents and purposes the email tied to the account may be unreachable.

What do I do? Does Cloudflare have any options for me externally deactivating billing since I have all the information for the payment method.

It seems like the only option is to dispute charges with my bank until CF stops charging me. Assuming this process works, I’m okay with CF choosing privacy commitment over the ability for me to contact the site owner and let them know what’s happening (service unexpectedly stops) if the email account is unreachable or not connected to the site owner.


FYI - CF Trust & Safety responded that my only option is to dispute charges.