How to create www subdomain at cloudflare

I am a beginner and not familiar with “A record”, “Cname”, etc. I want to use “www” that is “” instead of “”. I have follow steps at: “” but with no luck. Is there any simple and easy way to create “www”? Or is there any complete step by step tutorials with more pictures or videos?


What’s your exact objective? There are at least 4 ways to handle this:

  1. www subdomain redirects to apex domain
  2. apex domain redirects to www subdomain
  3. www and apex domain serve the same content
  4. www and apex domain serve different content

I’ve ranked them from (in my opinion) best to worst. 1 vs 2 is mostly personal preference. 3 & 4 are bad options in most cases.

Do you already have a website up & running on your apex domain? Who is hosting your website? What does your existing DNS entr(ies) look like?

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