How to create triggers for events?

Within GTM, if I wanted to trigger a tag for the ‘purchaseevent sent to the datalayer (like the ones pushed by wordpress’ ecommerce) I just had to create an ‘event’ type trigger with the name of the event.

What should I do/write when creating a trigger with Zaraz?
I tried to read the documentation but I can’t find the part about this.

Within “rule type” there is no “event” option. Maybe I should use “match rule” but then I do not know what to put inside “variable name” so that Zaraz understands I want him to look for an events’ name.

Thank you in advance.

You should indeed use “Match Rule”. In “Variable Name” put “Track Name”, like the documentation suggests: Data layer compatibility mode · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

Thanks! I managed to set up the “purchase” and “add to cart” events.

Now, I would like to add parameters to track things like: item price, taxes, product name etc. Is it possible? Or Zaraz collects every property and property value within the event and sends them by default to GA4?

I have also the enabled “zaraz e-commerce” in Settings, but I am not sure I need to enable it or risk making some confusion.