How to create sub-domain in cloudflare for Gsuite Email Account

  • How can I create a sub-domain in cloudflare? The purpose of this would be to create a new Google Gsuite email account.

  • So how can I create a sub-domain for this?

If you are already using Google Suite/Workspace for your primary domain, I did not used this kind of a setup, but I assume the same way as for normal “naked domain”.

Did I understand correctly your question and what you are trying to achieve?

You will need to setup correct DNS records for your sub-domain.

I believe you need to add a new MX record(s) for and point it to the Google’s e-mail servers, usually and

That way, you could setup your e-mail address(es) in Google Workspace like [email protected].

If I understood correctly, you have to add a new domain at Google Admin then enter and after it you would be provided with the needed DNS records which you add to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

I am just worried how this all is going to work as far as you would end-up having multiple MX records as:

  • 5 MX for @ domain
  • and also 5 MX for sub-domain
  • at the end you would have 10 MX records

May I ask are you referring to below article?:

Kindly and patiently, wait for another reply from someone who might used this kind of a setup.

For sure, after applying changes, I would wait up to 24 hours just in case.

Nevertheless, you have to add a new DNS record under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard. Below article could help you in case you are not familiar with the interface:

Otherwise, you can create Alias domains if needed in the Google Admin interface.

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