How to create rules page to cache all the website and exclude my account, whishlist

Hi guys,

I hope someone can help me how to setup in Cloudflare automatic with page rules to cache every 4 hours or 24 hours and exclude sone url like my account, wishlist. I use wordpress.

I’d suggest using Cloudflare Workers as follows from below (note: might cost):

Thank you but a query with the page rules option can not do the same? what difference can there be with the worker. I ask because I was seeing that the page rules have the option to parameterize the cache and put it for the time that I mentioned. From what I could find out on the internet. And now if you are in doubt if the page rules option does the cache for example.

And the second rules to creat bypass especific url. (Account etc)

I wonder if what I want to do would not be the same as a worker?

Try a Cache Rule like the one below. If it’s the hostname of my WordPress website, and NOT one of my Wordpress cookies, and NOT certain parts of the site, then cache.

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@sdayman and the frequency of cache where I setup. Sorry for my silly question.

Sorry, here’s the rest of the screen. And by “Frequency”, this would be TTL (How long to cache the response).

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Thanks @sdayman now the system will cache automatically and I don’t have to worry. Thanks @sdayman and thanks @fritex for you comments also. =)


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